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Discover Franklin: Community and Charm

Dated: February 15 2024

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Franklin is a short drive from downtown Nashville and over the years has become a destination for many people and families. Consistently ranked as one of the most desirable small towns in America, Franklin is a great blend of history, culture, and modern-day conveniences, offering a quality of life that its residents enjoy all year. Our very own Carolyn Brotherton is a 4th-generation Franklin native, and it’s one of the primary areas that the Holmes + Pruett Homes Team focuses on.

The History of Franklin, TN

Main Street in Franklin Tennessee

The story of Franklin is has a rich history, founded on October 26, 1799, and named after Benjamin Franklin. The landscape is dotted with sites that tell stories, particularly from the Civil War era, such as the Battle of Franklin. This conflict is memorialized at landmarks like the Carter House and Carnton, offering tours and reminders of how the community has taken shape. The preservation of these sites shows Franklin's dedication to honoring its heritage.

*photo courtesy of The Tennesseean

Downtown Franklin: A Vibrant Scene

The Factory in Franklin Tennessee

Although Nashville sees most of the tourists, many people choose to make the short trip down to Franklin to explore the downtown area. At its heart, downtown Franklin is a picturesque view of Victorian architecture, modern shops, and great local restaurants. Art galleries, boutique shops, and gourmet eateries line the streets, each offering a unique flavor of local culture. Downtown Franklin shows the city's ability to blend tradition with innovation, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere for locals and visitors. Less than a mile from downtown you’ll find the Factory, a local favorite with food and shopping. It’s also the home of the Farmers Market, held every Saturday year round.

*photo courtesy of https://vistitfranklin.com

Cultural Celebrations and Artistic Endeavors

Franklin's culture is rich and diverse, marked by events and festivals that celebrate the arts, history, and community spirit. The Franklin Theatre, a favorite for entertainment, stands as a symbol of the city's commitment to the arts, hosting everything from live music and theater to classic film screenings. Seasonal events like the Main Street Festival, Pumpkinfest, and Dickens of a Christmas not only draw crowds from across the region but also show the true sense of community. The annual Pilgrimage Music Festival is held every September and draws world-famous acts and a crowd of concert goers from around the globe. There’s even a rodeo each May that brings in cowboys from everywhere.

The Great Outdoors

The beauty of Franklin extends beyond its historic and cultural landmarks into the scenery that surrounds the city. With verdant parks, winding trails, and scenic waterways, the area invites residents and visitors to get out of the office or home and spend some time with nature. Outdoor activities are everywhere—walking trails in several of the local neighborhoods, relaxing in Pinkerton Park, to adventurous outings along the Harpeth River, are all activities that people enjoy.

Economic Vitality and Franklin Real Estate Opportunities

Franklin's economy is as dynamic as its cultural scene, with a thriving business community that ranges from local businesses to global enterprises. Many healthcare organizations call Franklin home and people from the entire Nashville Metro area commute to Franklin. This economic vibrancy has spurred a robust market for Franklin real estate. The Holmes + Pruett Homes Team, with our deep understanding of the local market, has seen the area change and grow along with the rest of Nashville. The median listing price of a home in Franklin checks in right at $1M, while the median sold price for a house in Franklin is $715k.

Education: Schools in Williamson County

One of the reasons families choose to live in Franklin is the school system. Education is a cornerstone of the Franklin community, with schools that are renowned for their academic excellence, both public and private. The area’s commitment to education reflects its dedication to nurturing a well-rounded and forward-thinking community. Schools in Franklin consistently rank among the top in the state.

Food in Franklin

Farmers Market in Franklin Tennessee

Food in Franklin has choices for everyone. From regional to national chains to local favorites like Puckett’s and Red Pony, locals love the food scene here. Whether you’re looking for Southern comfort like a meat and three at Bishop’s or a healthy juice from Franklin Juice Co., Franklin restaurants pride themselves on their use of fresh, local ingredients sourced from local and regional farms. Food festivals and the local Farmers Market celebrate have added to the enjoyment of enjoying a meal with family and friends.

*photo courtesty of https://visitfranklin.com

Conclusion: Franklin's Enduring Appeal

Franklin, Tennessee, is a city where history and modern conveniences come together. And with its short distance to Nashville, it’s an ideal place to call home. For the Holmes + Pruett Homes Team, Franklin real estate is more than just a market—it's a hometown and a way of life. If you’re considering a move to Franklin, let our team welcome you and give you the family treatment during your search.

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