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5 Hot Tips on Leveraging Halloween for Real Estate

Haunted House - BlogHalloween is coming up soon and you’ve had your house on the market now for a few months without much market activity, why not leverage Halloween as a real estate marketing opportunity? Think about it, hundreds of parents will be going around with their kids, you never know who could be in the market for a new home.
That being said, here are a few recommendations you should consider when marketing your home for Halloween:

  1. Curb Appeal– Of course you should have good general upkeep of your home when on the market, but pay extra special care to your lawn, home condition, etc. There are going to be hundreds of people seeing your house that night, so be sure to make it look its best!! Look for fall decorating tips here > BHHS WOODMONT Pinterest Page
  2. Consider Hosting an Open House– It may seem like an unconventional date and time for an open house, but if you’re handing out candy and talking to many parents in the process, it could be a great time to have them do a walk-thru of your home. If you think an Open House is inappropriate for that date and time, at least make sure you have real estate signage displayed on your lawn for the big night.
  3. Staging– Again a no brainer, but if you want leads on Halloween, you need to make sure your home is ready to sell. You never know whether someone may request a walk-thru or not.
    *Key Word: Declutter!*
  4. Consult your Real Estate Agent– Ask your real estate agent about leveraging possible showing opportunities on Halloween, they don’t need to be there, but they could have other clients who are taking their kids out trick-or-treating in your neighborhood.
    They could even use marketing tactics such as: eCards, local newspaper, online advertising, or sending out open house print material to people in those general area codes.
    Contact a BHHS Real Estate Professional Here
  5. Get into the Spirit of Halloween– Decorate your yard a little bit or at least just make sure your home is inviting to families trick-or-treating. Everyone loves PUMPKINS!
    That way, they have all the more reason to visit. Last but not least, don’t skimp out on the candy!

This may be unconventional, but it is a great way to spark interest. Consider this, you would have just been handing out candy otherwise, so why not leverage some leads? Dress Up to Impress!
If you or your husband/wife were planning on walking around with your children for Halloween but still want to showcase the home, consider taking shifts between the two of you for handing out candy and trick-or-treating.
There are many so possibilities this season of the year, there is a reason why they autumn the 2nd Real Estate Season! Have fun with it!

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