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    Increase Your Home Value on Any Budget

    By Admin | April 5, 2022

    Increase Your Home Value on Any Budget Home Improvements: $100 or Less One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements of all is giving a space a fresh coat of paint. Tip 1: Spend an hour with a pro. Invite a Realtor or interior designer over to check out your home. Many Realtors will do this... Read More

    Virtual Awards Celebration

    By Jessica Petersen | March 5, 2021

    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty recently hosted a virtual Awards celebration event to celebrate the 2020 achievements of the 150+ team of elite sales professionals in real estate. The event is traditionally held at the City Winery, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions still in place the event was transitioned into a LIVE virtual event.... Read More

    5 Peaceful Paint Colors

    By Jessica Petersen | July 17, 2020

    If you plan to repaint your interiors this year, don’t forget to pick a hue that will positively impact your mood. While bright red or neon green may be fun, they can subconsciously create stress in the body. Below are five peaceful paint colors to up the “ahhh” factor of your favorite spaces. Violet A... Read More

    Featuring Principal Broker Nancy Malone: It’s Business As Usual – Or Is It?

    By Jessica Petersen | July 7, 2020

    Written by Barbara Pronin for Realty Times. Restaurants and malls are opening everywhere, even as the uneven path of coronavirus continues to criss-cross the nation. Yet many are operating at less than half capacity, as poll after poll shows consumers still wary despite being given a go-ahead. At the same time, brokers nationwide report that... Read More

    Kitchen Trends That Are Going Out of Fashion

    By Jessica Petersen | June 29, 2020

    Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing meals and cleaning up. In many cases, we spend so much time in our familiar kitchen space that we don’t pay much attention to what it looks like. But the trends, they are a-changin’. Today’s kitchens are sleek and practical. Design experts list... Read More

    Make Your Home Stand Out With Millennial Pink

    By Jessica Petersen | June 8, 2020

    Like the generation it’s named for, millennial pink is all around us. It’s a fun, daring, sophisticated hue that isn’t exactly new, but lately seems to have caught the eye of legions of clothing and décor designers. Not quite salmon, not quite rose and a far cry from traditional Barbie pink—millennial pink can best be... Read More

    3 Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

    By Jessica Petersen | June 3, 2020

    Are you having trouble communicating with your partner, friends or colleagues? Do you forget what your friend just told you only minutes after the conversation ended? In a world geared toward multitasking, it can be hard to drop fully into a conversation and just listen. Below are three tips to help you be more present... Read More

    Smart Home Gadgets That Will Elevate Your Home

    By Jessica Petersen | June 1, 2020

    Technology seems to mutate with the speed of light, but is your home keeping up with the changes? Smarten it up with a few smart-home electronics that will boost safety, increase comfort and may even save you a few bucks: Video Doorbell The VTech Video Doorbell, about $115, lets you screen and even video chat... Read More

    3 Things to Do Instead of Watching TV

    By Jessica Petersen | May 27, 2020

    Is your evening couch potato routine with your partner growing stale? It can be hard to find the energy to connect after a long day of work, but while watching television may be a good way to turn your brain off, it certainly doesn’t help with connecting. Below are several easy, inexpensive ways to connect... Read More

    Daily Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

    By Jessica Petersen | May 22, 2020

    Cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle if you keep on top of it. Here are some small daily steps you can take to keep your home clean. Post-shower swipe. To keep mold at bay, store a washcloth in your shower that you use for wiping down surfaces after you turn the water off. Just make... Read More