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Cork & Canvas Art Show – December 2017

L to R: Cory Basil, Carol Moon, Lauren Markham, Gretchen & Patrick from 1767 Designs

It was certainly a splendid time to celebrate the upcoming Holiday season with another festive Cork & Canvas Art Show reception at our Nashville office. In the weeks leading up to the event, our C&C team were thrilled to share the newest group of talented local artists. “We really have an amazing batch for our show this time. We say it each and every time going into our next event, but this one will be special, ” proclaims Kadie Black, co-coordinator & REALTOR of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty, Nashville office. We may be repeat offenders of saying this over and over as each show approaches, but the deal is – we mean it!

There was a point in discussion these past few months that may be it’s time to wrap up the Cork & Canvas show. We have been pondering on the concerns of keeping up with intense interest and ability to find artists willing to showcase their work in our office. However, the local artists show so much excitement once we’ve reached out to them asking for their participation. It’s an opportunity for them to showcase their work to an entirely new audience of people that it really is hard to pass up. 

The great thing about Cork & Canvas art show is that it came to its inception purely by chance. After opening up the office at our new location right off of 8th Ave South, we needed artwork for the walls. Yes. We could have gone shopping and decorated the office as needed, yet we realized we have such amazing talent within our beloved city – why not give it a shot and see if we can make an event out of it. “The marriage between the real estate industry and the art community is a no brainer,” shares Marketing Director, Jessica Petersen. ” We serve a client base of new homeowners excited about moving into their new home. Walking into our office, they have the chance to look at a wide selection of local artwork that would be ideal to add to the walls of their home.”

Earlier this month, December 7th – we hosted our beloved event with a selection of some of Nashville’s finest artists. Kadie Black & Chelsea Bell, office manager of 8th Ave did a fabulous job recruiting our talent while Jessica spread the word on social media. This installment included; Cory Basil, Carol Moon, 1767 Designs, and Lauren Markham.

Artwork by Cory Basil

Cory Basil is an interesting soul of talent. Not only does he paint spectacular pieces of artwork, but he’s an illustrator and author. Cory graciously shared his books for sale at the event and pulled in many new fans of his artwork with the custom cards and prints all available for purchase at our reception. Cory shares in his biography, “I paint to explore who I am and what it means to be alive in the twenty-first century. During this process my spirit and essence move through my arm and onto the canvas. When I create I am fully present. I give the whole of my existence to my work, and my hope is that my practice transcends time and dimension, causing the viewer to experience full awareness with each piece. My goal is to create a connection that brings to light a part of the self and identity of which the individual was not previously aware.” Cory mingled with guests as they questioned his design concepts and learned of how he’s developed his enormous levels of talent. Cool & collected – that’s Cory Basil.

In the main room, Carol Moon was found doing a LIVE painting of a residential property – just one of her many talented art concepts. Full of life and energy, Carol shared her story with guests as they conversed over her collection displayed in one of the rooms at the office. Carol explains so eloquently, “Life is filled with celebrations of color and beautiful peaceful moments of observation and appreciation. As a young girl I was very aware of my love of color, as well as my ability to draw.  My parents taught me by example, to fully appreciate the simple, beautiful, amusing and profound so abundantly found in creation…
the intricacies of a flower…the brilliance of a sunset…the peacefulness of a white sand beach…the dramatic seasonal change of tree leaves…the breeze playing in a field…the majesty and movement of water…  I’m a self taught artist and I love freely capturing all of these moments and more with bright, acrylic colors on canvas.”

Artwork by Carol Moon

At Cork & Canvas we have never had a woodworking artist on display let alone a whole group of them. Chelsea Bell, office manager states, “It’s always been a type of artwork we’ve looked for in the past, but we really got lucky with 1767!”
1767 Designs is a group of creatives based in Nashville, TN. With Southwestern inspired patterns and art deco influence throughout, 1767 aims to bring our favorite parts of American design to classic tables, sturdy wall art and custom accents that fit seamlessly into the home. All of the wood that we use for these pieces is sourced from homes that were recently torn down in the Nashville area. Our pieces not only help to save centuries-old wood from an undeserved and wasted fate, they each come with their own stories to tell. Patrick and Gretchen from 1767 Designs graced us with their attendance at our event. The team brought a monogramming tool to do instant monograms at the event. Our owner, Ginger Holmes proudly took one home as a momento!

The backside of Artwork by 1767 Designs

Lastly, Miss Lauren Markham. Lauren was a surprise artist brought to our attention, but definitely provided the needed flair to show we were looking for to round out the artist’s panel. Her “day job” consists of graphic design work at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, yet her talents expand in her free time to the canvas. “I thrive on a solid work ethic. I am inspired by people from all walks of life, adventure (big or small), rusty nails (equal parts Drambuie & Scotch), chocolate, running, and the mystery everyday ensues.

Artwork by Lauren Markham

I grew up in Montgomery, AL and received a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art & Design. With wonderful working opportunities in Atlanta & Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I cultivated my passion for hand-lettering & graphic design. These days my design work is done at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. I happily run my side hustle – Lauren Ann Markham, LLC – specializing in graphic design, hand-lettering, illustration, fine art, and the occasional mural.” Lauren was wonderful speaking to the guests and truly is a wonderful additional to this installment.

Please stop by our 2010 8th Ave South Nashville office (right across from Zanie’s Comedy Club) to view the artwork on display. All artwork is available for purchase. Please call 615-292-3552 for more information. #CorkAndCanvas


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