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Cork & Canvas Art Show – June 2017

With a solid year behind us of hosting the highly anticipated quarterly event, Cork & Canvas Art Show & Reception, we have found that it has become quite the social gathering among the local communities of real estate and art. (And, we love it!) It is such a joy to meet artists, established and budding, while they bring their circles of influence into our doors while we celebrate their talents. The group of attendees vary each and every time we host the event making it such fascination in witnessing the gathering of the Nashville community for the simple cause of supporting each other’s industries in art and in real estate.

Not only are we all introducing ourselves to new faces, but the event has drawn a variety of artists – not just canvas focused, but fashion designers, sculptors, musicians, and more….
From the real estate side, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty has been gifted with new agents excited to be a part of a company that not only focuses on the facets of providing excellence in real estate services, but from a social aspect of that we embrace opportunities to gather on a level of friendship and interaction outside of “work”.
The event hosted in June was no different in the fact that we were able to mix and mingle with a whole new audience of people sharing the same respect and admiration of sole purpose of the event – Art.

We certainly hosted an eclectic mix of artists in this current exhibition. The artists varied in artist approach, background, and technique.

Venezuelan artist, Valentina Harper worked 15 years as a graphic designer before she focused her energy on uplifting drawings and design. Her vibrant personality shines in her work with a multitude of colors and design. The intense detail that goes into her designs is just jaw-dropping. “My work is primarily driven by the idea of the creation of a unified whole through the use of minute details. The use of pop colors, lines and circles that swirl & undulate result in playful artwork made with passion. I use ink and other mediums to create flowing, intricate and highly detailed patterns, sometimes utilizing words for positive inspiration. Self healing and positive energy are the motivating concepts which ignite my passion to create. Through my work I hope to inspire and help others follow their dreams. I try to bring a fantastical, dreamlike appearance to my artwork, which includes digital drawings, mixed media and pen & ink illustrations,” states Valentina on her website – It was such a sweet moment at the Cork & Canvas reception when Valentina’s family arrived and her sweet, young daughter insisted on passing out postcard promotions of her mother’s work.

Award-winning artist and woman of absolute class & sophistication, Elizabeth La Penna entertained attendees by sharing her unique techniques in creating her abstract artwork. The passion behind her work was noted in the way she described her methods to her masterpieces on display at the show. Not only is she focused on her own creations, Elizabeth is responsible for helping other artists develop their craft. She established the art department and taught at a school in Florida. Currently, she conducts local workshops and lectures for the art community. Elizabeth shares that, “As an experimental artist, I am always seeking new avenues of expression.  After years of study and painting in a representational style, I came to realize that, for me, some concepts, such as spirituality and the subconscious, are best expressed abstractly. This led me to change not only my style of working but to switch from oil to acrylics and mixed media. The excitement of using pure color and my love of design aided this decision.” To learn more about Elizabeth’s extensive work in her field, visit her website to see examples of her art and more explanation of her approach.

If you attended the event, you would have been lucky enough to witness Bridget Wietlisbach paint “LIVE”! We always love and appreciate when an artist offers to bring an intimate level of entertainment to our reception & Bridget did not disappoint. Her work showcases her visions & interpretations of life. The experiences that have impacted her personally and artistically are put to canvas. Bridget explains on her website,, ” In this artistic endeavor, I look to find the story within the subjects I choose, knowing the tale I tell on canvas must be able to reach the viewer’s imagination as much as my own.  I continue to pursue a painterly technique in my work to show the reality of my vision with the brush strokes of my heart.” An extended congratulations to Bridget for selling one of her featured paintings at the event, as well as the painting she was working on during the show!

With more of an eclectic pallet of design, Katherine Webb of Kat Espy Art shared with us her mixture of large & small scale abstract art, her animal painting applications to wood blocks, and her collection of mixed media.  She lives and breathes art. Kat’s roots are in the South, but she’s been heavily influenced by her extensive travels around the world.  Kat has an educated background in art with an art education degree from Columbus State University. Today, she continues to inspire and teach others as an artist and art teacher. We definitely encourage you to visit her website to see her portfolio for yourself.

Cork & Canvas is a social event sponsored and hosted by the C&C team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty. The event is FREE to attend and highly encouraged to bring a friend, or two! This installment of Cork & Canvas is shortly coming to an end, while we prepare to host the next of our series in September!

Thank you to our featured artists at Cork & Canvas -JUNE 2017

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