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How to Choose the right Neighborhood.

Before you start your home search, keep in mind that you’re buying more than just a home, you’re buying a lifestyle.
The neighborhood you choose will influence your family’s life for years to come so it is important to identify
neighborhoods that will meet the needs of you and your family.

When evaluating a neighborhood there are many important factors to consider. Your REALTOR® is a great source
of information and can help you make your decision. Only you know which factors are most important to you, but
here are some things you might want to ask about…
• The proximity to schools and the quality of their education.
• The stability of property values in the neighborhood.
• The safety of the area and local crime rates.
• Traffic flow and street lighting.
• Access to transportation, shopping, parks and recreation.
• Future growth and construction in the area.
• The local real estate taxes.
Selecting the right neighborhood will take some research, but you’ll find it well worth the effort when you find the
right home in a neighborhood you love.

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