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    Virtual Awards Celebration

    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Woodmont Realty recently hosted a virtual Awards celebration event to celebrate the 2020 achievements of the 150+ team of elite sales professionals in real estate. The event is traditionally held at the City Winery, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions still in place the event was transitioned into a LIVE virtual event.
    “The craziness of Covid-19 disrupted many of our traditional events, but we knew that it wasn’t going to stop us for acknowledging our team of agents,” said Nancy F. Malone, Broker for the Brentwood office location. Nancy continued to say,” Our agents worked through a pandemic. They are essential and we must show them our appreciation regardless if it’s just a little bit different this year.”
    Ginger Holmes, Nashville office Broker and President of Woodmont Realty added, “Not only were we ranked among the top 50 firms in the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices global network, Woodmont Realty celebrated 30 years of service in real estate in 2020. It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to celebrate such a monumental year for our business but we have high hopes of doing something in 2021.”

    The virtual event was held on January 29 and broadcast from the Brentwood office location.
    “We hired a team of professional videographers to set up the LIVE event. It was amazing to see the office turn into a full blown production set,” shared Ginger Holmes. The virtual event could not have happened without the donations and support from our preferred partners: SWBC, 2-10 Home Warranty, Stewart Title and Bankers Title. Eric Gooden and his video production team at provided their professional services in pre-production and live event production. “It’s always such a pleasure working with Eric and his team. They truly are masterful with their production,” said Tisa Musgrove, Vice President of Vendor Relations.

    List of 2020 Award Winners:

    Agent of the Year • Brentwood Office
    Tony Tabb

    Agent of the Year • Nashville Office
    Tove Gunnarson

    Top 10 Agents • Woodmont Realty
    1. Suzan Hindman
    2. Jessica Garza
    3. Amanda Beam
    4. Tove Gunnarson
    5. Cherie Cunningham
    6. Victoria Gambrell
    7. Mindy Orman
    8. Eileen Giger
    9. Joe Jennings
    10. Jennie Clements

    Top 3 Teams • Woodmont Realty
    1. Bonnie Heim & Deneen Murphy
    2. Nancy Black & John Black
    3. Nashville Property Partners

    Rookie of the Year • Brentwood
    Michael Elizabeth McQuillen

    Rookie of the Year • Nashville
    Ben Jasek

    Education Award • Woodmont Realty
    Stephanie Jameson & David Eby

    Top Buyers & Listing Team • Brentwood
    Nashville Property Partners

    Top Buyers Team • Nashville
    Bonnie Heim & Deneen Murphy

    Top Listing Team • Nashville
    Darbi Bolton & Anje Dowler

    Top Buyers Agent • Brentwood
    Amanda Beam

    Top Listing Agent • Brentwood 
    Suzan Hindman

    Top Buyers Agent • Nashville
    Chelsea Bailey

    Top Listing Agent • Nashville
    John Landing | David Pruett (tied)

    Top Team • Nashville
    Bonnie Heim & Deneen Murphy

    Top 5 Agents • Nashville
    1. Tove Gunnarson
    2. Victoria Gambrell
    3. Gharib Haji
    4. David Pruett
    5. Scott Williams

    Top Teams • Brentwood
    1. Nancy Black & John Black
    2. Nashville Property Partners
    3. Home Values Team – Mark & Jane Pfiffner

    Top 10 Agents • Brentwood
    1. Suzan Hindman
    2. Jessica Garza
    3. Amanda Beam
    4. Cherie Cunningham
    5. Mindy Orman
    6. Eileen Giger
    7. Joe Jennings
    8. Jennie Clements
    9. Tony Tabb
    10. Rachel Johnson


    Outgoing Referral Award
    Michele Trueba

    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Awards

    Honor Society: $75,000 Total GCI or 25 Units
    LeaAnn Barrett
    Leah Thomas
    Garren McCloud
    Monty Smith
    Dawne Harris
    Janice Luckett
    Kim Pennington
    Joanne Gauthier
    David Gordon
    Brittany Meurer
    Lisa Smith

    Leading Edge: $120,000 Total GCI or 35 Units
    Jessica Norfleet
    Jamie Shea
    Michele Trueba
    Gwen Moore
    Debbie Ryckeley
    Patricia Vance
    Traci Smith
    Jane Pfiffner
    Rachel Johnson
    Bonnie Heim
    John Landing
    Scott Williams
    Chelsea Bailey
    Darbi Bolton

    President’s Circle: $185,000 Total GCI or 50 Units
    Jennie Clements
    Eileen Giger
    Tony Tabb
    Nancy Black
    Joe Jennings
    Cherie Cunningham
    Mindy Orman
    Jessica Garza
    Stephanie Jameson
    David Eby
    Tove Gunnarson
    Ginger Holmes
    Victoria Gambrell
    David Pruett
    Gharib Haji
    Deneen Murphy

    Chairman’s Circle Gold: $280,000 Total GCI or 70 Units
    Amanda Beam

    Chairman’s Circle Platinum: $500,000 Total GCI or 100 Units
    Suzan Hindman


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