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Realtor Representation… How Does It All Work?

My father (a.k.a. Pops) began selling Real Estate in 1966, a time that he says was much simpler and straightforward for real estate transactions. He would receive a call from someone who wanted to

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What First Time Home Buyers Need to Know?

My father and grandfather were in real estate practice together when I was young and one thing I heard them say repeatedly was “real estate prices always go up over time”. To their,

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Advantages of Living in a Planned Housing Community

When it comes to purchasing a home, and living in a planned community, there are many benefits that should be factored into the decision.Increase Safety Whether it is criminal activities or traffic

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2024 Guide to Nashville's Rising Real Estate Markets

Exploring Nashville’s Rising NeighborhoodsFor the past several years, Nashville has attracted attention for its culture, strong and growing economy, and thriving real estate market. Even when

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