Brentwood Real Estate

    They describe the Brentwood vibe as a suburban life at a rapid pace.  Many residents have moved from out of state with the nearby businesses, creating an area with people from everywhere.  Although apartments and condos are available in the Brentwood area, high-end homes with amenities and large yards (either older or newer homes) are more characteristic of the area.   Brentwood has tons of active communities, the greenway trail system connecting several great parks (like Crockett Park), quality schools, golf, and two YMCA’s.

    Brentwood has some great locally owned restaurants that include: Wild Iris, Hanabi Japanese Restaurant, Jasmine and Basil Asian Bistro and Mere Bulles. There are also restaurants that are in the Cool Springs area that are “Tennessee” chain restaurants’ and just about any other chain restaurant you can think of.  Noshville, Dan McGuiness, Tin Roof and Bosco’s are some of the local chain restaurants.