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Brentwood Real Estate

Some describe the Brentwood vibe as a suburban life at a rapid pace.  Located just 20 minutes south of Nashville in Williamson County, many residents have moved from out of state with the nearby businesses, creating an area with people from everywhere.  This melting pot community ranks as one of the wealthiest cities in the entire country and is distinguished as one of Nashville’s most desirable suburbs. The Greenway Trail System connects several great local parks in Brentwood including, Crockett Park and Granny White Park.

Celebrating 50 years, Brentwood was incorportated in 1969 with a population of nearly 3,000 residents.

Today Brentwood the states 16th largest city with a population of more than 43,000. Within recent years, Brentwood has made great strides bringing many

businesses into the 5 million-square-foot Maryland Farms office complex.

The school district in Williamson County is notably one of the most accomplished and highest scoring schools in the country.