Nashville Real Estate

    Nashville is the state capital of Tennessee, and infamously known as the Athens of the South!  Nashville is a growing center for music and culture, healthcare and publishing to start.  Nashville is frequently referred to as a “big” small town with a phenomenal entertainment scene that goes far beyond country.

    With more than 180 live-music venues featuring country, bluegrass, jazz, pop, rock and soul, Nashville has plenty of sounds to groove on.  Its music industry is a billion dollar business, but health-care, education, manufacturing, finance and tourism industries hardly play second fiddle.

    Music City” is making a strong comeback from the recession and is expected to add more than 151,000 jobs by 2019 — an annual rate that’s higher than the national average.  The majority of the new openings will be in the education and health-services fields.  Top employers include Vanderbilt University, Hospital Corporation of America and Nissan North America.   The Nashville Chamber of Commerce says ”The strong entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the music and entertainment industries, ensures a vibrant “creative class” that helps make the Nashville region an exciting place to live, work and do business”.

    Explore some of the communities in and around Nashville.